The Talented Mr. Lee

Jun 6, 2010

Susur’s King West State of Mind

As soon as he bursts out of the kitchen doors, Chef Susur Lee’s renowned intensity quickly melts into a crisp smile. The chef is smiling today. He just received a glowing review from the National Post’s food critic for the new menu at Lee – his popular restaurant on King West, next door to his more demure Madeline’s.

Lee grabs a copy of the newspaper review and congratulates each of his staff, who are efficiently preparing for the upcoming dinner crowd.

“Did you see this review? Keep up the great work!”
Lee enthusiastically thanks his young bartender.
“Yes Chef,” says the barkeep, as if he were responding to a general.
“Tuck in your shirt,” says Lee.

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Article via King West | Written by: Thien Huynh