So Far, So Good

Oct 11, 2017

From France to Singapore, International Chef Susur Lee returns from a culinary jaunt teeming with new ideas.

Since I spend a good deal of my time travelling and cooking, I’m not too pressured to hunt for new ideas or dishes – I usually find them in the local ingredients of the countries that I visit, or through the chefs who are sharing the kitchen with me.

This spring while I was in Singapore, I had an opportunity to exchange recipes and cooking techniques for five days with Chef Michel Sarran, who owns and operates the highly respected Michel Sarran restaurant in Toulouse, France.

I picked up a couple of valuable tips from Michel, especially in the dessert repertoire. Michel is a fan of molecular cuisine, and he taught me a terrific almond-based dessert that is feather-light and has spectacular colour: we call it the “Jade Madeleine.” In Singapore, Michel and I also improvised a dessert that combined French pastry techniques with the traditional Asian sweet dumpling. We made a crispy Chinese doughnut filled with rum-and-chestnut purée, served with an espresso coffee sauce. It’s a delicious explosion in your mouth!

Article via Dolce Vita | Written by Susur Lee